Whole 30, why?


I am so excited to do this!  The main reason I want to take on this challenge is to prove myself that I am capable of sustaining a long-term commitment that will benefit my health well being.  I don’t have terrible eating habits and usually eat pretty healthy Monday- Friday afternoon.  However, once Friday night rolls around it’s on.  We love to check out new spots for dinner, drink great craft beer or have a couple of glasses of wine for dinner… oops.  We love a great burger, sushi, and delicious Mexican food.  As I enter my 30s, I have noticed a few changes with my body.  A little achy, lower energy, taking more time to lose weight, and the list goes on.  I work out here and there but not as consistent as I’d like to be.  I’m just focusing on one thing at a time for now… Whole 30.

Time to push the reset button.  I want to feel the positive changes a good diet can have on my body.  I’m turning 33 years old next month and we want to start trying for our first baby sometime this year.   It’s a scary thought but I need to prepare my body as much as possible by setting good healthy habits and getting in the best shape.  It’s exciting!


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