Ideas On How to Start Whole 30


The more you understand Whole 30, the more you will understand the changes that your body will go through to obtain results.  It All Starts Here by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig is a highly recommended book. I will post links to all helpful Whole 30 recipes and sites.


I searched, reviewed and found recipes online that I thought looked really good to try out.  I did not want my husband and I to feel like we were on any diet and decided to really focus on making time for dinner every night.  I planned on keeping my regular breakfast, which consists of 2 eggs and veggie scramble and eating leftovers for lunch from the night before.  I wanted to make sure I had the write portions for each meal.


I created a weekly calender and wrote out each meal planned and scheduled for the week.  This gives me a schedule of what I need to prepare the night before and helps me stay focus on what I am able to eat for the day.  It keeps me looking towards cooking something new each day and thinking about the variety in each of my meals.


I prepared a grocery list of all the ingredients I needed for the week.  I don’t like to spend to much time at the grocery store.  I categorize my grocery list of ingredients and get exact amounts.  It saves me time at the grocery store and saves me from throwing out food I don’t eat and money.


Be ready to cook and have fun!  Making new meals of food you already enjoy is a great way to keep momentum.


I owe this belief to my mother and sister who truly have set the example of what the power of prayer can accomplish.  Everyone prays differently, and whatever that means to you, it is important to meditate on what you truly want to focus on to accomplish your end goal.  The goal of this plan should not be based in the number of pounds you lose in 30 days, but the great benefits you will see in many important areas of your healthy life.  Just to name a few: Better self confidence, better sleep, skin gets clear, and the list goes on and on.



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